Force format a USB drive

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mr t usb drive Force format a USB drive

Get Started

  • Press Windows Logo + R, type cmd, then click OK to launch the command prompt window
  • Run this command: Format H: /FS:FAT32 /x

Replace H: with your own USB flash drive letter (E:, F:, G:, etc.).  You can also replace FAT32 with another file system such as NTFS, FAT, etc.

That's it!

pin it button Force format a USB drive

6 Comments to “Force format a USB drive”

  • cool

  • good

  • not working why?

  • This is not working for write protected USB, force not enough?

  • not working…………it say "window unable to complete the format"

  • if whatever provided by the author doesn't work then do this

    1. run command prompt

    Start->type cmd in the search bar

    2. type diskpart

    3. type list disk

    your hard disk will appear as disk 0 and any other flash/usb will appear as disk 1, etc

    4. make sure u select the correct disk to format. type select disk 1

    the number may may vary depending on your system hard disks/external storage/usb storage

    5.  type clean all

    this will take some time, for a 500GB HDD it took me 5 hours, for a 4 GB usb drive it took me 20 mins

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